Budget Planner

This Budget Planner will help you work out what your regular income and expenses are. It’s much more thorough than planners you may have had to fill out for a loan, so it will help you draw up a really accurate picture of how you are managing your money.

What you will need

Set aside time to gather your information. You will probably need your pay-slip or income return, records of any other regular income and as many as your bills, shopping dockets, accounts, credit card and bank statements as you can find for the past year.

You will also need to decide whether you want your plan to be worked out on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly basis. ASIC Money Smart suggests you select your pay period so you can use your pay-slips.


Credit Card Calculator

Your credit card behaves differently from a standard home or car loan, especially if you don’t pay if off in full each month. Unlike a standard loan, generally there’s no date by which you have to pay it off, and you can keep borrowing up to your approved credit limit, so long as you make the ‘minimum payment‘ each month.

What you will need

You’ll need your latest statement and your credit card’s latest terms and conditions.

The statement will show your current balance and annual interest rate. The terms and conditions will tell you what the lowest dollar amount and % amount you’re allowed to pay.


Personal Loan Calculator

ASIC Money Smart personal loan calculator helps you determine how much you can afford, what will be your repayments and how to pay your loan faster.


For more information please visit ASIC’s Money Smart consumer website.


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