Investment Calculator


What could your super be worth? Compare funds and the effects of fees, investments options, co-contribution, salary-sacrifice and more.

The Superannuation calculator lets you see the long-term effects of:

  • Fees and charges by various funds.
  • Making extra contributions.
  • Receiving government co-contributions if you are eligible.
  • Breaking or reducing contributions as a result of time out of the workforce.
  • Switching your investment strategy or changing funds.

The information you will need;

  • Your latest member statement (or annual benefit statement).
  • Your funds most up-to-date product disclosure statement or member information booklet.


Managed Funds

What could the value of your investment be worth? Compare funds. Including: fees, regular contributions, changing funds and different investment options.

Whether you want to invest a single lump sum in a managed fund or make regular contributions as part of an investment program, the managed fund calculator shows the effect of choices you may be able to make about;

  • Fees
  • Regular contributions
  • Changing funds
  • Different investments options

Calculator Excel

Compound Interest

What would your money be worth if you invested it and re-invested all the interest you earn? How much to reach your target amount? How long? What interest rate do you need? Single investment or regular amounts.

This calculator shows the following;

  • What your money will be worth if you re-invest all the interest you earned over a certain period.
  • How much you would have to invest at a certain interest rate to reach a target amount.
  • How long it would take to reach a target amount.
  • What interest rate you need to reach a target amount.
  • The effect of investing a single amount or regular amounts


Regular Investing

See how investing regularly can assist the growth of your investments.

“If I invest $1,000 and add $100 per month, how much could it be worth in ten years time if it earns, on average, 10% per year?”

Risk and Return

Compare the return offered by a proposed investment with the relevant market sector: cash, fixed interest, property, shares, and balanced assets. How risky could it be?

Returns that are higher than the current going rate involve higher risks that you need to understand. The calculator offers simple, tailored messages relating to an investment proposal; based on advice ASIC has obtained from licensed actuaries. This calculator covers cash or fixed interest assets for income, property or shares for capital growth, or a balanced option of 30 per cent income and 70 per cent growth that is commonly used by super funds.

This calculator can help you compare the return offered by a proposed investment with the relevant sector of the overall market.

The calculators have been sourced from ASIC’s Money Smart consumer information site and also Colonial First State Investments. For more information about the sources please click on their link.


Information & results obtained from using these calculators should not be taken as individual financial advice. Millenium3 Financial Services Pty Ltd, O&M Private Wealth Advisers Pty Ltd, nor its advisors, can take any responsibility for the accuracy, or otherwise, of the results obtained from use of these calculators. Everyone should seek professional financial advice before proceeding with any financial decision.