Plan your Retirement

Aged Pension – Significant Changes

I have started discussing this major change to the aged pension with some of you but to bring all up to date

From Jan 2017 the  Assets Test is to be significantly tightened  which will impact many people’s pension.

You may have heard the maximum level of assets people can hold and still be entitled to a pension is being reduced eg. Read more

common mistakes first home buyers make

Buying off the plan – Sounds great BUT beware of the risks!

Many people have enjoyed success “Buying off the Plan”

It’s easy –  before a building is built you sign up , pay just 10% deposit, wait a year or 2 for it to be built and by then it will have risen in value and you have made a nice profit!

BUT  as the attached article explains there can be real problems  –  in essence the rules can change ! Read more

China – from an insider’s view

As always most of the talk remains about China and the most asked question is China’s economy is slowing too fast?

David Thomas, a man who has been visiting and dealing with China for over 20 years, recently visited China and gives some very relevant views.

In essence David supports the view that while China’s amazing growth is certainly slowly
a) it is not stopping &
b) The Chinese know what they are doing (well mostly)

The key points from the attached article include: Read more

Toosl and Resources

“Australian Services Industries employ more people and contribute more to GDP than all other industries combined “

 “Australia’s Jobs Future –

The rise of Asia and the Services opportunities”

The Myer Foundation and Dept of Industry & Science

April 2015  

The attached report outlines the great potential going forward for Australia by tapping into the amazing opportunities in the Services sectors and the huge opportunities opening up in Asia.

Link to article – Services future of Australian Employment September 15

Some key points include Read more

” Joe Hockey is right. The economic news is hardly wonderful, but the media’s attempt this week to convince us the economy was perilously close to recession was sensationalist nonsense. “

Link to article: Aust Econ Sept 15 

“I’m not the only one that wishes our economists and journalists would start thinking a little more positively! Ross Gittins continues to make sense “
Peter Switzer

Was just about to put out this article by my “old mate” Ross Gittens ” when across my desk via Cyber space comes another “old mate” Peter Switzer with the same thoughts

Seems us “older guys” have the same idea i.e. we have been around too long and have heard the hype too many times – The world goes around in circles and so does the becoming – It’s always different this time BUT funny ends up pretty good most times !

As Ross sums it up “Times aren’t easy, but we’re not in bundle-dropping territory. “ Read more

why have markets fallen

Why have markets fallen and what does it all mean?


Craig James, a highly respected economist and well known to many of our clients over the years has provided what I believe to be a very good and logical summary of the key factors which explains why have markets fallen in recent days.

I have summarised his key points below and click for the full article

Craig James – Why markets have fallen and What does it all mean?

There have been six significant issues that global investors have had to contend with in recent months and have now come to head? Read more

Stock Market Crashed – World about to end!

Link to article: Aug 15 Falls – Switzer Report

Here we go again I hear you say !

Attached are the detailed articles from the usual experts & soothsayers telling you why you should not panic.

They explain the “reasons”  lead by a slowing China, China’s Casino ( sorry Share Market) roller-coaster, currency wars, Debt, a Greek mess, Nth & South Korea about to punch each other on the nose, US about to raise interest rates, ISIS and probably even the Aussie & English cricket teams who are as bad as each other!

Overall I do think most make a good deal of sense. A key point is the US is about to raise interest rates Why  – because they strongly believe the US economy, still the largest and most important in the world, is in reasonably good shape and getting better ! Read more