Tax Effective Strategies

O&M knows how to minimise tax – legally !

Whether you are a high flyer, small practice, a sole trader or wage earner we all want to maximise our saving and our wealth. But when looking to maximise your investment we often forget that it is the after tax return that really counts. After all this is what you are left with. One of the factors that play a key role in maximising your investment return is minimising the impact of tax.

There are many strategies that may be considered to reduce your tax liability; however it is important to understand all of the implications that may flow on from the decision to pursue a particular strategy. Whilst, it is important to reduce taxation where feasible, it is more important that the strategy creates wealth over the desired investment timeframe.

Given the accelerating pace of legislative change, effective tax planning demands the most up-to-date resources and informed advice which is where O&M can help you identify the most tax effective strategies and structures for your situation, minimising your tax burden and helping you build wealth faster.

Everyone’s situation is different and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, especially when it comes to tax so it is important that you talk to one of experience financial advisors. Our team will assess your current situation, determine your goals and work with you to develop tax effective strategies.

Some of the strategies will involve an assessment of personal risk, transition to retirement, small business ownership, negative gearing and estate planning.

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