Small Business Specialist

O&M is itself a successful small business !

Starting a business? or already running a business? Putting a lot of hard work? But is your business protected? Do you have the insurance cover for your business?

You invest in your business financially and emotionally, and it has taken years for you to build something valuable as the primary source of income and wealth for you and your family.  We guarantee the business has the premises and cars insured BUT are the key people covered?  You need to ask yourself what would be the impact if something goes wrong to you, your partners or key employees health?  This risk can be eliminated by a small tax deductible investment in appropriate insurances as it will protect the business (and hence your family).

Have you cleverly planned your retirement?  Many self-employed or small business owners are relying almost totally on their  businesses to fund their retirement. Thus their retirement is totally dependent on the performance of your business RISKY!  Diversification is very important.  Using the wealth generated by the business to acquire other assets including Property and Superannuation is very prudent to building  to secure a safer retirement fund.

For many years O & M have been small business specialist looking after the special needs of small to medium sized business. Our experience allows us to understand and solve their needs, in particular ensuring that gains made are protected and multiplied.

Talk to one of our qualified advisor they can carefully evaluate the needs of your business and develop a plan that will give you peace of mind.

Remember O&M is itself a successful small business !

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