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O&M can source you the best loans at no extra cost !

Whether this is your first home or an investment property this will probably be one of the biggest investment you’ll make in your life.  If you think this is the right home for you or the right location is only half the battle, finding the best home financing is the other half. Remember the better you manage your assets and your home loan, the better the returns you can expect.

Today’s borrowers are faced with a huge range of lenders all telling you that they are the best and cheapest. To be honest most people either don’t have the knowledge or the time to ensure they get and retain the best deal.

Through our association with IFA Mortgage and Finance, a team of experienced specialists, you will receive the best mortgage and leasing facilities that are available. Not only are their home financing interest rates among the lowest available, but also the terms and conditions are also very flexible.

IMPORTANTLY there is no extra fee for this service and you will save money.

  • They specialise in flexibility
  • Lines of Credit offering full redraw weekly/monthly repayment and split loan facilities AT NO EXTRA COST!
  • Fixed or Variable rates, or a combination of both.
  • Business Loans at home loan rates (subject to suitable security).
  • Importantly, they have access to a panel of over 20 lenders understands reality and is willing to consider all sound proposals.
  • They can often gain finance approval without full financial details!

So talk to one of our experienced specialist today and they will help you find the best way forward to suit your needs.

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