Quite simple
“for over 25 years O&M have ensured clients, young and old, have achieved their financial goals and are happy!”

O&M Private Wealth has earned this enviable reputation of delivering what we promise by approaching each client with an open mind and then providing quality professional advice which is tailored to that individuals clients needs. Critically our advise will change and evolve as the clients circumstances and/or the economic climate changes.

Personalised service – we prefer to speak directly with our clients whether that be in our offices or their homes or business premises.

Clear communication – we speak your language! We work hard to ensure our reports and correspondence are presented in simple and easy to understand language. Effective use of clear diagrams and charts is seen as important – “A picture speaks a thousand words ”

Comprehensive Advice

We are fully qualified and licensed to provide comprehensive advice across all areas including:

Being there for the long term!

Anyone can give advice and then “walk away” leaving you to implement and look after yourself. O&M sees the initial advice as only the beginning. Working with you on an ongoing basis is more important. This will include

  • Regular reviews and update reports
  • Ongoing recommendations for adjustments to your portfolio
  • Newsletters and Investment Commentary
  • Invitations to private Client information Sessions

5 Steps to Success A key to our success has been application of our proven and unique “5 Steps to Success” programme which can be summarised as :

  1. Listen, review and understand your current position
  2. Analyse information and formulate recommendations
  3. Present and discuss our recommendations
  4. Reach agreement and implement agreed strategies
  5. Working together to ensure success

You don’t have to be wealthy to invest BUT You must invest to become wealthy

– Warren Buffet