Property Always Goes Up – Get in quick !


Well that was the call for the past several years from all the “wise” guru’s.  

Well as we saw in 2018 Property does not always go up !  – In fact like virtually every other

Investment in goes up and down !    Funny that !

What happened  in 2018 and is continuing is nothing knew – in the life time of an “ old guy” like me I’ve seen this 3  –  4 times !

Also remember that property had probably gone up 30% + over 5 years so the fact it has fallen 10% + still means “most people” are in front .

 ”the key to property investment is to understand that properties, over the long term returns a capital gain of 6% – 8%  – good but not spectacular  – where you make the real money is on the borrowing  / gearing !Talk to me if you don’t understand this critical point  !

BUT – As I always said Property is a good investment provided you :

  • Take a long term view at least 7 yrs. !
  • Are logical / prudent in borrowing commitment
  • Buy good property in good areas
  • Take good advice   (not from Property Spruikers / Get rich quick Seminars / Dodgy Financial Advisors or real Estate Agents !! )

Attached is an article which I came across with which I mostly agree .

It makes some very good point about the process of buying property .

In the past 2 -3 years I have had a number of occasions to provide this type of advice and it appears to be well received and helped many buy “good” property in a “good” way ! 

Have a read and give me a call to discuss

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