Property Always Goes Up – Get in quick !


Well that was the call for the past several years from all the “wise” guru’s.  

Well as we saw in 2018 Property does not always go up !  – In fact like virtually every other

Investment in goes up and down !    Funny that !

What happened  in 2018 and is continuing is nothing knew – in the life time of an “ old guy” like me I’ve seen this 3  –  4 times !

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Why you invert in shares

Why you invest in shares


Fidelity has always been a “favourite” of mine ! . While not so great over past 12-18mths long term it has been a real winner .

If you’d invested $10,000 in June 2003, it would now be worth $57,259. You’d have made almost six times your money. NB Remember this includes the GFC period Read more

Personal tax Cuts

Personal Tax Cuts – Not So Soon!!


Just to clarify a few points re the proposed ( not yet legislated) Personal Tax cuts ( lets focus on the first round )

  • Will not actually lower weekly tax ie you will not get more in each week’s pay packet
  • The idea is to increase the “Lower Earners Tax Offset “ – this is only applied when you lodge your tax return
    SO – if you qualify when you lodge your tax return in 2019 / 2020 the ATO applies an “extra credit “ so tax if everything else was equal
    You would get a larger tax refund or be asked to pay less tax

Money $$ YES – but not so quickly

Personal Income Tax Plan Bill

On 9 May 2018 the Government introduced the Treasury Laws Amendment (Personal Income Tax Plan) Bill 2018.

The Bill introduces the personal tax measures announced in the 2018 Federal Budget which include:

  • a Low and Middle Income Earners Tax Offset of up to $530 applying from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2022
  • an increase to the Low Income Tax Offset from 1 July 2022 from $445 to $645, and
  • progressively increase the income tax thresholds in 2018/19, 2022/23 and 2024/25.

Ron Ogilvie
O & M Private Wealth

Plan your Retirement

Aged Pension – Significant Changes

I have started discussing this major change to the aged pension with some of you but to bring all up to date

From Jan 2017 the  Assets Test is to be significantly tightened  which will impact many people’s pension.

You may have heard the maximum level of assets people can hold and still be entitled to a pension is being reduced eg. Read more

common mistakes first home buyers make

Buying off the plan – Sounds great BUT beware of the risks!

Many people have enjoyed success “Buying off the Plan”

It’s easy –  before a building is built you sign up , pay just 10% deposit, wait a year or 2 for it to be built and by then it will have risen in value and you have made a nice profit!

BUT  as the attached article explains there can be real problems  –  in essence the rules can change ! Read more