Retirement Planning

O&M are experts in ensuring you a secure & comfortable retirement !

Do you know how much super and other assets do you need to fund your ideal future?

How long will my money last?

Will you be entitled to government assistance?

These have always been common concerns for pre-retirees, but with the average, Australians living longer than ever before and the uncertainty of investment markets they are even greater today.

The key is taking good advice and earlier rather than later.

Most of us look towards our Superannuation as our primary retirement nest egg but the reality is that for most it will be not enough.  A recent study presented at The Australian/Melbourne Institute Growth Challenge shows that even a $500,000 superannuation nest egg will not provide the average Australian with the retirement lifestyle they are seeking.

So how can O&M help you achieve a comfortable retirement?

Using our proven “5 Steps to Success” process we are able to create retirement plan that meets your not only your financial goals but also suits your attitudes to risk. Our highly qualified team will give careful consideration to the most tax and Centrelink effective strategies to improve your retirement funds, as well as providing you with the flexibility you need in the lead up to retirement.

Our expert team, will assess how much money/income you need to retire comfortably including ensuring you are in a position to maximise government assistance, including a pension.

Deciding which investments are right for you and your individual situation can be difficult, time consuming and “overwhelming”. Our experience and expertise allows us to guide you through this critical area.

Nothing is static and the circumstances change whether be your goals, the markets or personal circumstances our team are there to review and adjust your plan strategy.

Plan your retirement today – for more information on our retirement planning strategies or would like to discuss how we can help you achieve your financial goals simply call 02 9359 3028 or complete our enquiry form.

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